Efter avslutat motionsår kan du beställa dina guldmedaljer på en snygg plakett!

Gör din beställning senast den 31 januari 2022.

Beställningsformulär - Plakett med dina guldmedaljer

Use the form below to order the golden medals you have conquered this year.

It is only possible to order medals from the level "Master" and you can only order the medals that you have conquered by yourself.

You can easily see which medals you have won by looking in your profile before you order.

If you prefer, save or print your medals as a diploma (all levels included) by clicking on your profile and the button for bagdes and download diploma.

If you dont have an adress in Sweden try to use the company adress or ask a collegue if they can recieve your prize.

Well done!

Your prize will be sent to the adress below:

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